The World is BROKEN,
and Needs Authentic LEADERS who are Molded with Strong, Moral CHARACTER.

At the Authentic Leadership Foundation, we help young people build character as the foundation for their actions and decision making, transforming them into true, character-driven authentic leaders for their communities, organizations and families.

Will you join us?

Is THIS Our Legacy to Our Kids?

  • Entitlement...not Responsibility
  • Feelings....not Facts
  • Ego...not God

How did we get here?

More importantly, how do we change course?

The World Needs AUTHENTIC Leaders.

We watch billions of dollars wasted every year on “Leadership Lip Service”: programs in education and business that produce no results, because they treat leadership like a technique. It’s not.

Rather, Authentic Leadership is first about CHARACTER - which is the power to MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES. Without this foundation, our young people will fail, doomed to a life of mediocrity and misery.

Building CHARACTER in Our Young People is what the Authentic Leadership Foundation is all about.

Our Approach

Working through schools and other community-based organizations, we have developed a step-by-step process that helps youth form their character, and become their best self.

1 - Identify TRUTH

A young person must first recognize that there is an objective truth about life and right and wrong, that exists completely detached from their own personal feelings or opinions.

2 - Discover FREEDOM.

The Truth sets us free...and with this freedom comes the opportunity to discover one’s purpose, set worthy goals and lay the path to become their best self!


We know an airplane is “off course” most of the time, yet constantly adjusting to reach its destination. So too must young people learn from the feedback of their peers and mentors to reach their goals.

Join Us!

Our youth education programs, as our past work in business, are very specific in their objectives with measurable deliverables and outcomes. But we can’t do it without education partners and investors.

As our nation corrects its course, you will be actively and enthusiastically helping to transform our young people into true, character-driven authentic leaders. There are two ways to join our mission...


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Your support of the Foundation is an investment in the molding of Character in our young people.



Is your youth institution ready to take leadership beyond mere lip service for your kids? The Foundation stands ready to help!