Picking-up from last week’s definition of magnanimity, the success habit unique to leadership, here’s a visual of how to practice it. It’s called the Success Habit Pyramid. Start practicing the

The Success Habit Pyramid

I’ve shared that leadership is executing mission and building strength to execute it more successfully. The unique metrics of gauging our success in leading are practicing the success habits of

Stop Using THAT Word!

Last week, I had a chat with our 16-year-old about his plans for studying for his final exams…here’s the lesson I learned during that chat: After asking him to share his

This is Going to Sting a Bit!

I know I’ve written a lot on defining words we use in leadership strength training. This is because, in the words of my colleague Pierre Koshakji, “Definition is everything.” This

What is Peace?

As a quick “visual summary” and follow up to our previous post, INTEGRITY is the FOUNDATION. Without integrity, leadership cannot exist. Integrity is wholeness. Your vocations make-up your whole life.

Integrity (and All Its Parts) – Part 2

All we have been discussing in these first few issues of Weekly TRUTH up to now (the meaning of truth, leadership, mission & vocation) leads us to INTEGRITY. Without it there is

Integrity (and All Its Parts)
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