Much like Michelangelo discovered David in a block of marble, your best self is waiting to be revealed. This article explores the importance of self-awareness, feedback loops, and understanding your temperament in the journey of becoming your ideal self.

You Are Michelangelo: Sculpting Your Best Self | WT #69

Ever caught yourself being a little too self-absorbed? We all have moments that challenge our self-awareness. This article outlines five common situations that signal it’s time to ‘get over ourselves’ for personal growth and authentic leadership.

Five Clues I Need to Get Over Myself | WT #68

Life is full of opportunities to set goals, but what makes a goal truly daring? Inspired by Helen Keller, this article explores the transformative power of setting daring goals in every aspect of life, from career to personal relationships. Start your daring adventure today.

Journey Beyond Security | WT #67

Leadership comes with a set of challenges that may never have definitive solutions. From making everyone happy to effectively mentoring others, these enduring issues serve as opportunities for authentic leaders to grow and reflect. Dive into the eternal leadership conundrums and find out how they shape authentic leadership.

Eternal Leadership Conundrums: What You Can and Can’t Solve | WT #66

Even on our longest days, when fatigue takes hold, there lies a chance to truly shine. Leadership isn’t just about thriving when we’re at our best; it’s about rising to the occasion especially when we’re tired. Dive into the transformative power of pushing through weariness and inspiring those around us.

Rising to the Challenge, Even When Tired | WT #65

Family road trips are more than just memorable adventures; they offer a wealth of leadership insights. From the art of communication to the nuances of decision-making, these journeys mirror the challenges of leadership. Prioritizing open dialogue, the significance of tone, and embracing self-awareness through understanding our temperament can elevate both our personal journeys and leadership roles. Join us as we explore the roadmap to authentic leadership, inspired by the open road.

Lessons from a Family Road Trip | WT #64

Revisit an age-old concept of self-knowledge in a new light. Drawing from timeless wisdom and personal experiences, we delve into the power of understanding one’s temperament and limitations. These personal insights don’t have to confine you; instead, they can open doors to personal growth, delegation, and enriching relationships. Embrace yourself, warts and all, as you journey towards self-discovery and growth.

Temet Nosce (Warts and All)

In “Can We Think of Character as a Muscle?”, we redefine the concept of character. By viewing character as a muscle strengthened by virtues, we challenge the traditional notion of “bad” character. Instead, we propose that a so-called “bad” character is not inherently bad but simply lacks the strength of a well-developed character. Join us as we spark a conversation about character development.

Can We Think of Character as a Muscle? | WT #62

In “What Gets Your Team Going?”, we explore the difference between run-of-the-mill business objectives and truly engaging goals. Beyond just making a profit, we delve into the idea of meaningful challenges that not only lift your organization up the success ladder but also foster a culture that keeps your team invested in the long haul. Find out how these significant goals can steer your organization towards sustained success.

What Gets Your Team Going? | WT #61

In “Dig Down Deep Before Building Up”, we explore the paradoxical concept of descending to ascend in the realms of leadership and success. The article challenges the traditional model of leadership, encouraging us to excavate our pride and vanity to make way for a deeper foundation of humility. Find out how this approach not only boosts your personal growth but also nurtures the talents around you, allowing for collective success.

Dig Down Deep Before Building Up | WT #60

Playing soccer is more than just kicking a ball; it mirrors life. This article draws parallels between mastering soccer and life, illustrating how developing your character, like learning to use both feet in the game, leads to personal growth. Your most consequential hobby could be the key to unlocking your best self in all aspects of life.

Your Most Consequential Hobby (for Life) | WT#59

In an era rife with thirst for power, George Washington surprised all by publicly resigning from military service. His army stood loyal, yet he refused the prospect of absolute rule, effectively proving that leadership, at its core, is about service, not dominion. This defining moment stands as a testament to Washington’s character, humility, and profound understanding of the balance between power and corruption. It raises the intriguing question – what might our world be like today had he chosen a different path? Delve into this exploration of Washington’s selfless act and its significant impact on the shape of the United States and the essence of true leadership.

George Washington: King Of America

Stronger Leadership in 60 Seconds is a unique series of engaging, bite-sized videos designed to spark curiosity and promote personal growth. Our mission is to explore topics around self-leadership, often not openly discussed, and we invite you to join us on this journey of learning and growth. Your experiences and contributions are valuable and will help enhance our approach, with opportunities for recognition and involvement in our leadership strength training.

Seeing is Believing: How Do You Get Others to See What It’s All About? | WT #57

Discover the essence of effective leadership – it’s not just about serving others but pursuing excellence. Uncover your unique purpose, transcend mere goodness, and transform your desire for excellence into reality.

Serving Others Isn’t Your Purpose | WT #56

True leadership goes beyond the boardroom; it’s about embodying wholeness in every dimension of existence. Imagine being the same person, at work, at home, and in moments of solitude, displaying the same core values. This consistency and authenticity radiate an aura of credibility that others find irresistible. As leaders, we must treat every role we play – as a spouse, parent, colleague, community member, or spiritual seeker – as equally vital. Our professional identities are important, but they’re merely one facet of our multifaceted selves. In the rare moments of tranquility, let’s ponder the profound implications of living a life where every domain is part of our ‘business’. Wholeness, after all, is the ultimate embodiment of leadership.

What it Looks Like to Achieve Wholeness | WT #55