Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of engaging in insightful discussions with numerous business leaders. These leaders, from various industries, have expressed a realization that adapting and instituting three primary habits are beneficial not only for their personal development, but also for their professional growth.

Three Habits to Make Permanent | WT #53

Is the act of practicing virtue more important than the motivation behind it? Consider someone practicing honesty to enhance trust in professional relationships, or displaying patience to mitigate personal stress. Are these virtues being practiced for the ‘wrong’ reasons?

Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason | WT #52

Discover how to enhance organizational success by integrating a cultural strategy into your overall plan. Learn a four-step process to identify, prioritize, and address key cultural factors for a more dynamic and supportive work environment.

Success Through Cultural Strategy | WT #51

To shift from a narrow to a wider perspective for personal growth, you need to modify the underlying reason or “why” behind your pursuit of growth. How do you adjust your “why” and transition from a small to a broad perspective? Alter the reason behind practicing a technique to enhance your abilities. For instance, in

Transitioning from Small to Broad Perspectives for Personal Growth | WT-50

The status quo can be defined as the existing state of affairs. It is easy to settle for the status quo, and difficult to push beyond it. This mentality can seep into our lives and relationships as well, and when allowed to persist, we are settling for mediocrity rather than striving for excellence. In terms

Status Quo = Mediocrity | WT #49

When things are GREAT, we tend to forget about gratitude. When things are TOUGH, we tend to forget about gratitude. Excellence begins and ends with gratitude, even during difficult times, because gratitude is long-term thinking. You don’t get too high or too low, and it is not conditional. Long-term thinking affects every thought, action, and

Gratitude in Times of Trial | WT #48

“Leadership is Virtuous, or It’s Not Leadership.”This is a quote from a colleague, Alexandre Havard, that I frequently share. Why? I’ve worked with dozens of business leaders through times of crisis tokeep team members,retain clients, andsharpen strategy.You see, what most business leaders often do when a crisis hits is, in knee-jerk fashion, retreat into their corners

Leadership is Virtuous, or It’s Not Leadership | WT #47

As we engage Holy Week (aptly coinciding with our Jewish brothers and sisters preparing for Passover), I remember every year on Easter Sunday, the ABC network broadcasting The Ten Commandments, which lasted more than four hours with commercials! In recent years, I realized that in all the times I saw it growing up, I really NEVER

The Birth of Freedom | WT#46

Why does “falling forward” matter? It matters because: you were born for a reason, you were born to be great, and to form greatness in others. Even when you fail, you must fall forward: be introspective, learn from the experience and apply the lesson moving forward. This ensures that you move toward what you were

Why Falling Forward Matters | WT #45

Have you ever played Whac-a-Mole? It’s a 1970s-era arcade game (adapted from its Japanese originator), and is still popular today. In pop-culture, the expression “whac-a-mole,” (also frequently spelled as “whack”) quickly became associated with what one may refer to as a repetitious and futile task: each time a task is finished or a problem is

Whac-a-Mole Management | WT #44

We have lots of pressure points. In this context, we’re referring to a place on a body (an individual or organizational body or society for that matter) that can be pressed to stop tension, pain or bleeding. How can we apply this term in business leadership? A business leadership pressure point is a position, role

The Pressure Point That Matters Most | WT #43

After working with leaders for years, here’s what I know: few authentic leaders are balanced, nor do they wish to be. Why? In my experience, balance is hard to achieve, because it’s unappealing to them. What’s appealing to these individuals is what they may describe as a “Beautiful Life.” Leading a beautiful life is an

“Balance”…or a Beautiful Life? The Choice is Yours. | WT #42

What does our leisure reveal about us? I think in many ways, it reveals who we really are.What makes me say this? What we do for leisure in our spare time (in this context we define it as time for one’s self) can reveal what we do when we’re not “on stage,” when no one is

What Our Leisure Reveals About Us | WT #42

In marketing, a common prospect profiling tool is the persona. (And yes, we use them here at the Foundation.) “So, what is a Persona?” you may ask. The short answer: it’s a prospect profile. For example, marketing professionals may create a persona, using the socio-economic traits of their best clients or customers, so they can

You’ve Got a Persona Problem! | WT #40

Not too long ago, I was in a meeting which I felt went really well. At the end, I asked the fifteen team members to write down, on a sticky note, their answer to a simple question: “What’s on your mind?” As a result, I discovered several helpful nuggets that would significantly increase the value

What Everyone is NOT Saying | WT #39