Delve into the concept of greatness as seen through the lens of eternal impact, where living an integrated life—spiritually, professionally, and personally—creates ripples that resonate beyond fame.

What is Greatness? | WT #89

The Authentic Leadership Foundation reveals that successful leaders excel by building mature team members and organizations. By focusing on growth opportunities, team communication, and strategic execution, leaders can achieve lasting results. Discover the importance of traction and magnanimity in leadership and how to overcome common challenges to foster personal and organizational growth.

Traction Towards Magnanimity | WT #88

Join us as we delve into the forgotten virtue of magnanimity, a concept that once shaped great leaders and philosophers. Through our engaging content and interactive quizzes, learn how this timeless quality can still influence modern leadership and personal growth. Be part of a movement that’s breathing new life into magnanimity with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Resurrecting Magnanimity | WT #87

It is our honor to introduce the Authentic Leadership Foundation’s newest honorary board member: St. Catherine of Siena! Renowned for her deep piety, leadership, and advocacy for peace, St. Catherine’s profound spiritual insights and writings continue to inspire. Her famous quote, “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire,” encapsulates her belief in living authentically according to God’s purpose. Join us in celebrating her timeless wisdom and guidance for youth today.

Meet the Foundation’s Newest Board Member! | Weekly TRUTH #86

What’s the measure of your success? At the Authentic Leadership Foundation, we believe success is about executing your mission and making a unique impact on humanity. Instead of seeking comfort, aim for greatness. Join us on June 14th at our first annual Rise to Greatness conference to learn how we’re helping students discover their path to greatness through trained adult role models. Don’t miss this opportunity to support and inspire our youth.

Isn’t It Time to Move the Target? | Weekly TRUTH #85

Explore the critical importance of precise language in our latest post. Learn how understanding definitions enhances communication and upholds truth in any field. Ready to test your knowledge? Take our quick quiz to see how well you understand key terms.

Five Words that Can Help Change the World | WT #84

In confronting the $23,000 debt of back taxes or the undeniable truth about the health effects of carbs and sugar, we find the essence of truth’s dual nature: it challenges yet liberates us. This article explores real-life revelations that illuminate our complex relationship with truth, showcasing how, despite its discomfort, truth paves the way for genuine freedom and growth.

The Truth about the Truth | WT #83

Dive into the humor and depth of “Everybody Loves Raymond” to reflect on personal connections and the occasional mystery of unexplained social friction. Discover how ancient wisdom on the Four Temperaments offers insights into our interactions and presents a path for personal growth and improved relationships, even if it doesn’t guarantee universal popularity.

Why Doesn’t that Person LIKE ME? | WT #82

Delve into the spiritual journey of understanding greatness through the lens of faith. Reflecting on Mary’s humility, Paul’s selflessness, and Pope Benedict XVI’s wisdom, the article offers a contemplative perspective on striving for greatness that transcends individual glory, embracing the divine essence. As we navigate the Authentic Leadership Foundation’s principles, we uncover the essence of being made in God’s image and the profound impact of this realization on our pursuit of authentic leadership.

Whose Greatness Does Your Soul Magnify? | WT#81

Missed ‘Bring Out the Greatness 2023’? Experience the inspiration and insight from our event in our latest blog post. Watch the keynote by Raymond Arroyo, dive into exclusive auction opportunities, and join us in advancing authentic leadership.

Celebrating Success; Continuing the Journey | WT #80

Don’t miss the Authentic Leadership Foundation’s BRING OUT THE GREATNESS 2023 event on December 4th at VenueForty | 50. Experience a night of inspiration with keynote speaker Raymond Arroyo and celebrate authentic leadership as we honor Annie & Scott Powell with the Authentic Leader Award. Join us in supporting our initiatives to empower leaders through the Principled Decision-Making Framework and make a lasting impact.

Last Call to Join Us for BRING OUT THE GREATNESS 2023! | WT #79

The narrative explores the critical theme of gratitude in everyday life, extending well beyond the traditional holiday of Thanksgiving. Drawing from personal experiences, including overcoming clinical depression and dealing with physical ailments, the author highlights the transformative impact of being thankful for life’s simple pleasures, such as a restful night’s sleep and the warmth of sunshine. It challenges readers to recognize and move beyond a culture of entitlement, promoting a constant state of gratitude regardless of life’s ups and downs. Integrating spiritual insights with practical experiences, the piece encourages readers to view gratitude not just as a reaction to positive circumstances but as an essential, continuous approach to life, contributing to personal growth and resilience.

Every Day Should Be Thanksgiving | WT #78

In the realm of leadership and teamwork, a shared vocabulary is crucial but often overlooked. ‘Are You Using the Same Words, But Speaking a Different Language?’ examines how the same terms can hold different meanings across various contexts, leading to misunderstandings and misaligned efforts. Discover the importance of clear communication and shared definitions to ensure that when you speak, your team isn’t just hearing, but understanding.

Same Words; Different Language | WT #77

Remember the old clock radios most of us had at our bedsides? Indeed, some of you may still have one, but many of us have relied on the alarm clocks built in to our smart phones in recent years. And of course, no matter what mobile alarm app you may use, chances are that it still features the notorious SNOOZE button.

The Snooze Alarm Has Gone Off | WT #76

When will I become the best version of myself? When will you? It’s a question we often ponder. In a world that encourages endless self-improvement, the notion of ‘achieving your best self’ becomes paradoxical. The moment we think we’ve reached a peak, new vistas for growth appear. Here, we explore this perpetual cycle and its implications for our lives—both in the here and now, and in the realm of the eternal.

The Personal Growth Paradox | WT #75