The purpose of the Authentic Leadership Foundation is to help youth unlock what's inside them to build the strong leaders we need them to be. To this end, we target our mission on delivering Principled Decision Making (PDM) trainings for youth and young adults, creating their framework for life to:

  • Make Principled Decisions,
  • Build Strong Character
  • Execute Mission
  • Discover Your Path to Greatness

While the training is ultimately for youth, the process begins with trained adults. For this reason, we encourage you to register for Fundamental Training. As most participants would attest, the best way to see the benefits of our training is to actually register for and take the training.

PDM Training is delivered 'live' and virtually, through bi-monthly, scheduled community outreach training throughout the year, and through customized training programs for schools, businesses and institutions.

We call participants in the fundamental trainings TRUTH SEEKERS. We call graduates of all three trainings Authentic Leaders. The world needs all of us to become Authentic Leaders.

What Can Authentic Leaders Do?

  • Distinguish between important words such as mission, vocation & integrity and how they work together to help them make principled decisions.
  • Communicate their mission and obstacles.
  • Make consistent decisions and explain ‘why’ successfully every time. No one cares about knowledge and experience. They want principled decisions.
  • Examine their day and adjust quickly for better results.
  • Measure service & greatness for themselves.
  • Achieve their potential and have a great impact on those they serve.

Fundamental Training

  • Learn the fundamentals of Principled Decision Making™ 
  • Learn to build character strength.
  • Learn to clarify your mission, your unique impact on humanity.
  • Learn how to make better decisions, faster, and be more consistent.
  • You may be telling yourself you already do this. Come see how you could make it better.
  • Result? Think of the rare person who "acts wise beyond their years" or that earns your trust quickly. This training is the process for the rest of us to become TRUTH Seekers.

This Module Consists of Three 2-Hour Sessions

How Do We Do It?

We train on ONE language, TWO processes, and THREE metrics.

  • Training Module 1 (Fundamental): train on fundamentals of Principled Decision Making (PDM)™ that make up the Framework for Life™.
  • Training Module 2 (Enhanced): trains on enhanced PDM success habits with increased accountability for continued personal growth.
  • Training Module 3 (Advanced): focuses on advanced PDM with even greater accountability for personal growth, to achieve authentic leadership.

Together, this makes up The Framework for Life™

Complete all trainings to learn to lead so differently from the world, that you CHANGE IT.

Learn to Be an Authentic Leader.

One Last Quick Message from Darren Smith...

WHAT NEXT? You START by Seeking the TRUTH.

Without a clear understanding of Truth, one cannot lead. People and organizations cannot grow or flourish. That’s why the Authentic Leadership Foundation has created our Principled Decision Making Training.

The FUNDAMENTAL TRAINING (Module 1) provides the foundation to Principled Decision Making. The Enhanced (Module 2) and Advanced Training (Module 3), completed over two semesters, deepen your ability to execute and lead.

In this module delivered in three, 2-hour sessions (typically during a lunch-time window), you’ll learn to practice:

  • Principled Decision Making
  • Building Character
  • Mission