Sponsor a Student for GREATNESS!

An Invitation to Invest in the Leaders of Tomorrow.

Your investment creates a legacy of positive change that will echo through generations. Your support enables students to develop into principled decision-makers who will lead with integrity and purpose, leaving a lasting impact on their communities and beyond.

At the Authentic Leadership Foundation...

...we believe in the transformative power of character-driven leadership. Our "Sponsor a Student for GREATNESS!" initiative is your opportunity to empower young individuals to become authentic leaders who will make a lasting impact on their communities, schools, and families.

When You Sponsor a Student... 

...you help provide essential leadership training and character education in schools that need it the most. Your contribution supports our mission to build principled leaders through our Principled Decision Making (PDM) training programs.

Suggested Sponsorship Levels

Sponsor one or more students' paths to greatness: $250 per year


1 to 25 students


25 to 50  students


51 to 99  students


Sponsor a Grade Level

100+  students


Sponsor a School

150+  students

What's the Return on Your Investment?

Your investment plants the seeds of lasting change. Here's how your sponsorship helps:

  • Enhanced Leadership Skills: Students develop critical thinking, decision-making, and ethical leadership abilities.
  • Positive Community Impact: Empowered students lead initiatives that improve their schools and communities.
  • Long-term Success: Character-driven leadership prepares students for future academic and professional success.

Learn More about ALF's High School Principled Decision Making (PDM) Curriculum:

Our PDM training is structured for grades 8 thru 12 to ensure comprehensive development:

In conjunction with the Sacrament of Confirmation, each 8th-grade student will:

  • Take a temperament quiz.

  • Read From Temperament to Character by Alexander Havard.

  • Explore the purpose of virtues and their divine creation.

  • Practice authentic leadership language, potentially through weekly words or homilies.

  • Create a notebook portfolio with temperament worksheets and a challenge virtue scale to track character growth.

  • Show evidence of character development in their portfolio.

  • Identify a saint who exemplifies virtues.

Introduction to high school and community integration. Each 9th-grade student will:

  • Revisit temperaments for new students.

  • Read Virtuous Leadership: A Personal Agenda for Excellence.

  • Practice and track character building using the challenge virtue scale.

  • Start the 4-year Mission Mountain Climb through journaling, formulating a unique vision, and tracking mission evolution.

  • Establish SMART goals.

  • Set and regularly revisit 4-month, 9-month, and 1-year goals to transition into sophomore year.

Each 10th-grade student will:

  • Read: "Created for Greatness: The Power of Magnanimity"

  • Form Share Groups: For consistent encouragement and accountability

  • Practice Principled Decision-Making: Use a quad chart to analyze and improve decision-making

  • Continue Mission Mountain Climb: Journal and track the evolution of their mission

  • Take YouScience Aptitude Assessment: Discover natural strengths tied to potential careers

  • Set LASER Goals: Focus on Lifestyle, Academics, Spirituality, Extracurriculars, and Relationships

  • Explore Careers: Participate in shadow experiences to understand various professions

Each 11th-grade student will:

  • Read: Free Hearts
  • Emphasize Magnanimity: Focus on their role in serving the school and community
  • Set SMART Goals: In LASER focus areas for the year ahead
  • Create Personal Leadership Sheets: Track temperament, talents, and character, and monitor successes and failures monthly
  • Form Small Group Share Sessions: For discussing successes and failures
  • Introduce Particular Examen: For self-reflection and improvement

Each 12th-grade student will:

  • Read: Coached by Joan of Arc
  • Create a Gap Analysis: Use the Authentic Leadership Sheet and Self-Feedback Tool to close the authenticity gap and achieve authentic leadership.
  • Track Progress: Monitor successes and obstacles.
  • Learn a Special Topic: Deep dive into areas like Clifton Strengths as a capstone.
  • Deliver a Lesson: Present what they've learned and grown from during the leadership strength training program, tied into the Senior Seminar presentation.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Your investment ensures that every student has the opportunity to achieve Greatness. Sponsor a student today and be part of a movement that nurtures the leaders of tomorrow.