How do you see the world right now?

What's the difference between the world we grew up in and that of our children’s?

How did we get to where we are now and how do we turn things around?


What are you focused on?

What are your challenges? Obstacles?
What are the implications of these challenges?
What’s the value of achieving what you’re focused on doing?
Do you use outside help?

What have you done in the past?

What was your experience?


What percent of your team members can recite your organization’s mission?
What percent of your team members model the mission and support it through their areas of influence i.e. formation, academics, athletics, clubs, college counseling or community service?

First, we help school principals practice principled decision-making...
to make our schools great again.

We’re an organization that has successfully proven to help people understand and lead as individuals made in God’s image in a practical way.

Our Purpose

The Foundation exists to share the Principled Decision-Making (PDM) Framework for Everyone.

Our Mission

To deliver PDM trainings for youth and educators, creating their Framework for Life to:
Make principled decisions > Build character strength > Execute mission 

It starts with Discovering who you are...

and then getting better, aided by meaningful accountability.

This creates a ripple effect.

  • Not only do you get better, your team members, students, and their families get better.
  • We build  ‘winning’ schools; in the case of Catholic & Christian schools... these are schools that donors want to be associated with, making religious schools more accessible to everyone through reduced or eliminated fees.
  • We grow Christianity.

The Opportunity for Educators:*

* We use the word educator broadly – teacher, coach, supervisor, parent, etc.

Imagine a parent asks:
“Why should I send my child to your school?”

And you’re able to answer with:

“Besides being academically prepared for the future, your child will have the ability to:

  1. to make principled decisions (building Authentic Leadership using a “Framework for Life”)
  2. to build character strength, and
  3. to be clear about their unique mission

Isn’t this the dream every parent has for their child, no matter how old? The dream that their child becomes an Authentic Leader to lead themselves and others?

Who is the client?

Our principled decision-making training is a ‘plug & play’ program for growth-minded, professional educators who:

  1. have limited time, process or accountability for personal growth, or
  2. are lacking the support to accomplish the personal growth they want, for their faculty and students, with their existing structure.

What's the Outcome?

  • Lead stronger
  • Improve results, i.e. improved school leadership bench strength, institutional culture, student & family personal growth, teaching, test scores, enrollment, and finances

What do we need from you to make this happen?

  • Include the Authentic Leadership Foundation in your regular prayer intentions.
  • Educate yourself on the principled decision-making training language, process, and metrics so you are clear ‘why’ you’re doing this.
  • Make the decision to move forward.
  • Execute your role faithfully as we execute the process.

What are the Next Steps?

Choose a day and time that works best for YOUR schedule.