The Whole Truth  |  2023 

Dear Friends,

It is our hope you and your family are doing well. This past year has been one of progress and growth at the Authentic Leadership Foundation (Foundation) and this letter serves to catch you up.

The Foundation exists to share a Principled Decision-Making (PDM) Framework for Everyone. This is the Foundation’s Purpose. The Mission is to deliver PDM trainings for youth and educators, creating their Framework for Life to:

  • Execute mission
  • Build character strength
  • Make principled decisions

The Outcome is stronger leaders and improved results such as improved school leadership bench strength, institutional culture, student & family personal growth, teaching, test scores, enrollment, and finances.

Two of the Biggest Lessons We Learned in the Last Year

We have to ask more questions. Asking ‘how do you see the world right now?’ helps folks identify fundamentally and personally with the importance of our mission.

Geography is not a constraint. Through the “Linked-In” platform, we can reach a school principal who is already searching for what the Foundation does. The Foundation can proficiently deliver training anywhere with our 360-degree webcam technology.

Here’s What’s Been Done

PDM training is being delivered, ‘live’ & virtual.

Bimonthly scheduled community outreach training throughout the year.

Customized training for schools.

The Truth Seekers online community platform has been enhanced. We have a moderated Truth Seekers online community for continued personal growth and accountability.

Development of community dialogue events twice yearly (April & August) on the theme of ‘using truths  to live your life.’ These events will increase Foundation awareness outside of our usual circles.

Web outreach is consistent. Scheduled publishing of the ‘ Weekly Truth’ blog and Stronger Leadership in 60 Seconds videos for visibility.

Here’s Where We Are Now

The Foundation trainings are ready to scale. After investing hundreds of thousands of dollars and two years of testing time, training 142 people in the process, the PDM trainings are ready to scale, in a phased approach through schools. Financial help is being sought through applying for our first grants and meeting with potential donors.

How Can You Help?

Attend the “Bring Out the Greatness!” fundraiser on November 30th.

Visit the Foundation website, beginning with the resource page.

Donate or make an introduction to a school.

Please accept our gratitude for all you’ve done to support the Authentic Leadership Foundation over the past year. Let us hear from you if you’d like to chat.


Pierre Koshakji
Chairman of the Board, on behalf of the Authentic Leadership Foundation

“The Authentic Leadership Foundation rests on the premise that civil society properly functions and ultimately flourishes when supported by great institutions created with great purpose and mission led by strong leaders.”

– Pierre Koshakji, Chairman of the Board, Authentic Leadership Foundation