November 7

Authentic Leadership Foundation Honors Annie and Scott Powell at Upcoming “Bring Out the Greatness! 2023” Event


Dallas, TX, November 07, 2023 –(– Amid a landscape striving for authentic leaders, Annie and Scott Powell stand out as paragons of authentic leadership. The founders of Camp Wojtyla will be honored with this year’s Authentic Leader Award at the annual “Bring Out the Greatness! 2023” fundraiser event, organized by the Authentic Leadership Foundation (ALF), and being held the evening of December 4, 2023 in Dallas.

The Spirit of Authentic Leadership

It is not just their roles as founders of Camp Wojtyla that set Annie and Scott apart, but the meaningful and diverse life experiences they bring to the table. Nestled in 1,200 acres of Colorado’s picturesque wilderness, Camp Wojtyla isn’t just a camp; it’s a sanctuary for spiritual and human development through awe-inspiring adventures and a vibrant community. It is here that young people find transformative experiences that change their lives forever. Guided by Annie’s expertise in Adventure Education and Scott’s experience in theological and spiritual formation, they are backed by a dynamic, joy-filled, and highly trained team. With all of this, Camp Wojtyla is able to offer unparalleled formation, and adventure experiences for middle school, high school, and college students.

“Scott and Annie are two very independent and unique individuals that shared a common vision to help youth and others achieve the greatness that is intended for each person they come across,” said Pierre Koshakji, Chairman of the Board at ALF. “I have watched them over the years continue to push themselves and each other to also grow with virtue and without compromise to the principles of dignity and common good. In short, they love and do not count the cost.”

A Journey Marked by Challenges and Triumphs

However, the Powells are not just leaders in their professional capacity. They are deeply invested in their school communities and their local parish as they try to bring goodness and light into every area of their lives. Parents to three children, they navigate through the beauty and messiness of life with resilience and grace.

Darren Smith, co-founder of the Authentic Leadership Foundation, expressed admiration for the Powells: “What makes them stand out is that they are joyful while doing great things. Both had this desire to start a high adventure camp as a vehicle to connect faith formation to young adults. And God has worked through this shared desire.”

When asked about receiving the Authentic Leader Award, the Powells jointly stated, “We are deeply honored to receive this award. Leadership is all about giving of yourself and striving for greatness all while helping others see and achieve fullness of life. We humbly accept this award, knowing that ALF teaches these same concepts; that leadership is for the sake of others and that a good leader wants all people they serve to be and do their best. The job of a good leader is to build up others, and as such, we hope that our receiving of this award is a statement about the caliber of Camp Wojtyla’s students, staff, and alumni. We deeply hope they have been inspired and trained to be servant leaders in their own lives, knowing that authentic leadership can change the world.”

The ALF Mission and Event

This year’s December 4 fundraiser event, during which the Powell’s will be recognized, will also feature keynote speaker Raymond Arroyo, a distinguished journalist, New York Times bestselling author, and founding news director for EWTN.

Founded in 2021, the Authentic Leadership Foundation is committed to fostering Principled Decision Making Training, aimed at building character as the cornerstone for action and decision-making. Through these efforts, ALF aims to transform individuals into authentic leaders for their communities, organizations, and families.

Those interested are invited to attend the “Bring Out the Greatness! 2023” event. To register, visit the official website (


Darren Smith
Pierre Koshakji
Chairman of the Board, Authentic Leadership Foundation


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