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Fundamental Decision Making

It Starts with the TRUTH
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NOTE: This complete training is delivered in three 2-hour sessions delivered over three consecutive Fridays.

Navigating the complexities of modern life requires a clear understanding of your ability to make well-informed decisions and achieve your own potential. This transformative training melds three powerful concepts to do so—practicing principled decision-making, building character strength, and clarity of mission—into a single, comprehensive program.

First, you'll explore the meaning of principled decision-making. The training will guide you through the maze of today's information overload. You'll acquire the skill to distinguish between fact and fiction, empowering you with the process you need for more informed decision-making.

Then, building upon this foundation of principled decision-making, you'll learn how to define your 'potential' tailored specifically to you. Is it measured in income, professional achievements, or something more intrinsic? You'll learn to articulate your potential in character-based terms, delve into your innate temperament, and embark on the path toward identifying your mission.

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