May 25

What is Peace?


I know I’ve written a lot on defining words we use in leadership strength training. This is because, in the words of my colleague Pierre Koshakji, “Definition is everything.”

This is what leads me to the point of this post. I was asked last week: “What is peace?”

I have to admit, I didn’t have an immediate answer.

Then, it came to me: Peace is that state which results from following the Truth that leadership and decision making depend on. In leadership, Truth is executing your unique mission, which is your potential. Your potential is the Truth about what you were made to do.

Decision making with the Truth is making decisions with principles, which are facts or natural laws that don’t change (like math or gravity). No matter how hard you try to manipulate it, it doesn’t change.

A group of principles (like three to five related) is called a philosophy. And when it’s used for decision-making, it becomes wisdom. Does this make sense?

So, if when you lead and make decisions on the Truth, why would peace result? Why would your greatest success and happiness follow? I look forward to learning your answers. I still think I have something to learn about peace…

About the author 

Darren Smith

Darren Smith is Co-Founder of the Authentic Leadership Institute. He is a native Texan and a graduate of Dallas Jesuit and Texas A&M University. Over the past 25 years, Darren has visited 35 countries and led 100 strategy programs. He and his wife have five children.


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