April 4

The Birth of Freedom | WT#46


As we engage Holy Week (aptly coinciding with our Jewish brothers and sisters preparing for Passover), I remember every year on Easter Sunday, the ABC network broadcasting The Ten Commandments, which lasted more than four hours with commercials!

In recent years, I realized that in all the times I saw it growing up, I really NEVER SAW IT until I got the Blu-Ray. I was astonished at the introduction right after the OVERTURE: Cecil B. DeMille appears from behind a curtain, as if at the start of a play, to introduce this story as “THE BIRTH OF FREEDOM.”

He stresses that it's still relevant today—however I might submit that if you give this a listen (less than three minutes), that you replace "RAMESES" with "EGO." As Moses later exclaims, “There is no freedom without the Law!”

Have a Blessed Passover and Holy Week.

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Keith F. Luscher

Keith F. Luscher is a marketing strategist for the Authentic Leadership Foundation, which includes much of the media and communications work you see on a regular basis. He works as a fractional CMO for several organizations, and lives in Newark, Ohio.


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