April 24

Status Quo = Mediocrity | WT #49


The status quo can be defined as the existing state of affairs. It is easy to settle for the status quo, and difficult to push beyond it. This mentality can seep into our lives and relationships as well, and when allowed to persist, we are settling for mediocrity rather than striving for excellence.

In terms of family, the status quo can be a comfortable place to stay in. It becomes easy to fall into the same routines and not think outside the box. As a result, family dynamics can become stagnant and relationships may suffer if we are unwilling to push beyond what is familiar and easy.

In business, it’s important that organizations have an innovative mindset. Allowing the status quo to be the standard can lead to missed opportunities and lost profits. Companies that refuse to look beyond what they already know run the risk of falling behind competitors who are more open to change and creativity.

The common denominator between life, family, and business is taking action, and reaching for stretch goals and GREATNESS, instead of simply following the path of least resistance. Anything else hinders growth. And if you are not growing, you are dying.

About the author 

Keith F. Luscher

Keith F. Luscher is a marketing strategist for the Authentic Leadership Foundation, which includes much of the media and communications work you see on a regular basis. He works as a fractional CMO for several organizations, and lives in Newark, Ohio.


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