May 7

Five Words that Can Help Change the World | WT #84

In our Trainings we are very specific about the definitions of the WORDS we use. And I personally had a small revelation to this reality working on another project. I recently engaged an outsourcing group to assist me with the integration of a new marketing automation platform (it’s a specialty of theirs). One of the key functions of marketing automation is EMAIL of course.

But, beyond that, there are many kinds of “email,” and each form has its specific uses and set up requirements, not to mention compliance restrictions. If you make a mistake, you could be labeled a spammer, and unable to send email, so clarity on terms is very important. But every platform has its own vocabulary; what one system may refer to as COLD EMAIL, another may refer as something else.

So as I engaged this group with their first task, I found myself focusing first on getting my vocabulary right.

Yes, indeed this is a point we have shared in previous posts, and will continue to. Why? It’s crucial. TRUTH depends upon it today more than ever. Have you not noticed how language itself has been under assault in all areas of our culture, to undermine Truth?

To defend and advance Truth, one of the approaches we take to “prime” new friends is introduce key words, and their meanings. Today, we’d like to introduce FIVE of them, and have some fun doing it. These are FIVE WORDS that can help change the world. To learn them, we invite you to quick, simple and fun word match game (link below).

About the author 

Keith F. Luscher

Keith F. Luscher is a marketing strategist for the Authentic Leadership Foundation, which includes much of the media and communications work you see on a regular basis. He works as a fractional CMO for several organizations, and lives in Newark, Ohio.


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