September 14

Inside Moves Matter Most


The older I get the more I realize how important it is to carefully choose what I do, read, watch and think about. If I make it a priority to go to church with my kids at their school during the week, study my faith outside of just Sundays, watch clean shows on television and ask God for help when impure thoughts creep into my head, I’m more happy, satisfied and helpful to those around me.

I’m able to overcome any negative outside influence because I’m making inside moves every day. Inside moves are stronger than outside moves every time.

In a previous post we referred to temperament as your first reaction to external stimuli, environments and roles in life. That reaction is typically inward in some way, before it becomes and outward action.

Want to master your “inside moves?” Get to know yourself better. Discover your temperament!

About the author 

Darren Smith

Darren Smith is Co-Founder of the Authentic Leadership Institute. He is a native Texan and a graduate of Dallas Jesuit and Texas A&M University. Over the past 25 years, Darren has visited 35 countries and led 100 strategy programs. He and his wife have five children.


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