June 13

Serving Others Isn’t Your Purpose | WT #56


Strong Leadership goes beyond merely serving others. Excellence is the primary objective, and pursuing it can unlock the true purpose of your life. Here are the key points to consider:

  • Unearth Your Unique Purpose: The purpose of a leader isn’t merely to serve others, it is to discover and fulfill their unique role. When this purpose is recognized and pursued, serving others becomes a natural outcome.
  • Beyond Goodness: Being a good person is commendable, but it’s not the upper limit of your potential. For instance, notable leaders such as Herb Kelleher, Mother Teresa, and Joan of Arc, were undoubtedly good people, yet they were much more because they followed their purpose and aimed for excellence.
  • Desire vs. Achievement: Many individuals desire excellence, but not all reach it. The desire for excellence without action is merely an illusion. Actively investing time and effort towards achieving excellence is crucial.

Effective leadership is about discovering your unique purpose, pushing beyond being merely good, and taking the necessary steps to transform the desire for excellence into reality.

About the author 

Darren Smith

Darren Smith is Co-Founder of the Authentic Leadership Institute. He is a native Texan and a graduate of Dallas Jesuit and Texas A&M University. Over the past 25 years, Darren has visited 35 countries and led 100 strategy programs. He and his wife have five children.


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