June 18

Temperament | SL60-01


Our temperament, according to Alexander Havard, is "our native predisposition to react in certain ways. We are born with our temperament. There are 4 temperaments: Choleric, Melancholic, Sanguine, and Phlegmatic.

  1. Cholerics tend to be intense, quick, and action-oriented. 
  2. Melancholics are deep, slow, and idea-oriented.
  3. Sanguines are spontaneous and people-oriented.
  4. Phlegmatics tend to be restrained, peace-oriented. 

Which of the temperaments sound like you? As a leader, why is it important to know your temperament?


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Molly Yen

Molly Yen, a former English and Theology teacher, now coaches teachers. She's committed to collaborative thinking and action. As a volunteer at the Authentic Leadership Foundation, she's inspired by its mission and values the learning experience.

Darren Smith

Darren Smith is a native Texan and a graduate of Dallas Jesuit and Texas A&M University. Over the past 25 years, Darren has visited 35 countries and led 100 strategy programs. He and his wife have five children.